Welcome to Recipe corner. If you are here , I guess you are looking for the person behind this blog.

Hi I am Shilpa Deepak. I am an IT recruiter by profession and a newbie part-time blogger. This blog contains recipes straight from my kitchen. They are simple and hopefully tasty 🙂

At this point you must be wondering what’s with an IT recruiter starting a food blog.

It is a thing of joy to eat tasty food. This joy is at a whole new level if you are able to cook tasty food for the people you love. A wise woman once said – “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” I strongly believe in this quote and has been my motivation.  I have learnt and tried a few day-to-day recipes over the past few years and this is me spreading the joy though this blog.

I would like to make an important disclosure at this point – I am not a Chef and you don’t have to be one to try out the recipes in this blog. The blog contains dishes that you would cook every day with simple ingredients. While you will get most of the ingredients at the local grocery store near you, there is one special ingredient that is a must and you can’t buy it. You must find it.

Love – in my opinion is that special ingredient. Love – for what you are doing , for the people that you are cooking for.

With this and my recipes, I am hopeful that you will achieve what you set out to achieve in your kitchen.

So Try it, Taste it & Enjoy it!